Denis F. Wolf is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Systems at the Institute of Mathematical and Computer Sciences - University of Sao Paulo (ICMC/USP). He obtained his PhD degree
in Computer Science from the University of Southern California in 2006.

Prof. Wolf is director of the Mobile Robotics Laboratory - LRM. His main research interest is the
development of robotic systems for field operation and intelligent transportation systems. Most of his
current work focus on computer vision, sensor fusion and machine learning applied to terrestrial and aerial
autonomous robots and vehicles for urban and agricultural applications.

Currently, Prof. Wolf coordinates/colaborates with the following projects:

CARINA 2, which consists on the development of real-time perception
and control of autonomous intelligent vehicles.

Autonomous Truck, for operation in highways and confined environments.

Agro VANTs, which focus with tree counting and patologie detection in agricultural spaces (in cooperation with LSEC.

More information about ongoing projects and recent publications is available at the LRM webpage.

New to Robotics? Check out our book: Robótica Móvel (in portuguese).

CV Lattes (Brazilian standard CV) available here.


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