The laboratory of the optimization group of the ICMC. It provides support for research in the areas of optimization, operational research and related.


The Laboratory of Inverse Problems from Campinas State University is a birthplace for new ideas in several areas of applied mathematics.


Dizem que sou difícil.
Será mesmo?
Não, impossível!

Na passarela, Napoleão
Para dizer que aqui,
Modelo magrela, não!

Welcome to my Home Page


I am Professor Elias Salomão Helou Neto and this is my home page. In the   links above you will find information about my research interests, how to contact me, software I use and produce, and more.

About Me

I was born at Guajará-Mirim, a small city at the state of Rondônia, north of Brazil. I have moved from "the woods" to down here the southeast of Brazil on the far year of 1995.

Now I am assistant professor at ICMC. My current research interests are incremental subgradient algorithms for multilevel convex optimization, iterative tomographic image reconstruction, FFT-based projection/backprojection algorithms, among others.